Reel Net & Twine

Everything Concrete And More

Reel Net & Twine is family owned business established in 1988 in Pittsfield, Illinois. The sole proprietor, Rick Reel, started with the production of commercial fish nets, then expanded into fishing supplies and bait.

This eventually segued into small pets and in 1998 added ornamental concrete, landscape ponds and landscaping accents that include gravel, mulch, rocks, and flowers.

It is still family owned which now includes Rick’s wife Tracey and his mother Sandy. On any given day you may also run across any one of the four boys feeding fish, pouring, hauling or loading concrete or making a sale. Rick, Tracey or Sandy will be more than happy to assist you with any of your questions or needs related to your aquarium, pond, landscape or concrete needs.

Please feel free to contact us for your personal, small town service.

Please note: Our site is purely a catalog of our products and not an online store to order from.

Feel free to view our catalog and then place your order by calling the number listed or drive on over to our facility to view our products and place an order from our existing stock.  (217) 285-5013